A study in brown

Next up was a scene that primarily featured browns. I really like the sky in this one. I was very hesitant to use brown as the background sky color, but using just a small amount and blending created a fantastic fade and overcast feel. The little sun worked as well. I just used my fingertip […]

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So here is the fourth one. I think. Early on, I did not mark them as to which was done in what order, or the date I did them. I know it was a Saturday night. I could probably go back and troll through my email to try to figure it out, but I don’t […]

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My Setup and “In the Swamp”

I made my second painting on 1/13/16. I acquired a stretched canvas for this second effort. They’re just ones I picked up at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. You can also see that I’m using some large cabinet clamps to hold the canvas. In later painting, I elevated this by putting the clamps on stacks of […]

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First Post

For Christmas 2015, my beautiful wife bought me something I was too scared to get myself. The Bob Ross painting starter kit. It included most of the paints, several brushes, and a follow-along hour-long DVD tutorial with Bob. And so, not long after, I began my journey. First, I had to acquire a canvas. Not […]

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