Third Time’s A Charm

Hello friends.

For Christmas this year, I decided to do a painting for my in-laws. Instead of just jumping in and doing one, I decided to attempt a few trial runs.

Here is the first attempt:

img_0265Woof. Glad this wasn’t the final.

The giant tree on the right just didn’t work. The underbrush around it looks haphazard. The green Hellgeysers on the left, more sad bushes, sad pines.

But there is hope. The sky and water looked magical. The mountains looked pretty great. The reflections looked appropriate. The shore and water lines looked better than earlier paintings.

On to the second attempt, a week or so later:

img_0267One step forward, one step back.

I failed to put enough liquid white on as an initial base, so it became difficult to blend the sky and water layers. So they look grainy and too sharp. The colors aren’t quite right, and I know I can do better than that. There’s also too much fog in front of the mountains. I tried the green geysers again, still don’t like them. Still trouble with the pines. Killed the big tree on the right as well.

However, the mountains looked fine. Waterline looked fine. But my gods the bushes on the right looked AMAZING. Exactly what I wanted.

You might notice a little half-moon in the upper left. An errant thumbprint that became an interesting addition.

On to the final. This one was on a larger canvas.


I managed to use a more correct amount of liquid white this time, so the sky and water flowed much better, and became softer. Good color, if a bit mismatched between the sky and the reflection.

Mountains might be a bit too uniform, but I liked the colors, and the fog looks better. Land masses were better. The bushes were a bit off from the second attempt. I liked these pines, though. And the dead deciduous tree on the right.

In the end, I like it, and I’m glad that I made initial attempts.


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