The Knife

Clearly by this point I had mastered brushes. Yeah, right. I needed A LOT more practice. One thing I didn’t feel super comfortable with was the pallette knife.

So, for my third attempt (I think it was the third), I found an episode where Bob did an entire (or mostly entire) painting using only the knife. Surely, this was my ticket to knife-wielding greatness!

I had much to learn.

Once again, I still didn’t get the Liquid White and blue mixed properly for the sky and water.

I did really like like the cloud effect, however. Something feels very big-sky about them, even if they look out of place, unreal, and not-quite-right. They managed to flow off of the knife, exactly like he said they should.

The “mountains” turned out like little more than eroded purple pyramids on a plain. The grass hillside running down to the stream (on the far side) was a muddy mess. I’m going to pretend the near side doesn’t even exist. I remember getting SO angry doing that part. I ended up just doing a blotchy brown blob and got very disgusted. No patience on my part.

That tree. The trunk went okay. I think I used one of the brushes to do the leaves. Don’t ask what kind of tree that is. I’m pretty sure it looks like nothing on this planet. The other two lonely shrubs on the far side were fun, and might be my favorite happy little trees thus far.

And the shadows on the water? What exactly is the shadow of? Certainly nothing above the water. And the color? Well, I know I used too much black, and there was nothing to be done once it hit the canvas. In retrospect, I should have scraped off it and the water edges and tried again, a trick Bob mentions and something I didn’t start doing at this point.


And so, there it is. Not much to behold. But it is my creation. I can say, if nothing else, “I MADE THIS. WHAT HAST THOU WROUGHT?”

Too many are too afraid to step out of their comfort zone and attempt to try something radically different. For me, a computer jockey who can’t draw for anything, this is a wild departure from my skill set. But I let my ego go, and tried something new.

It’s not great, but neither were my earliest programming adventures. I distinctly remember not getting any of my programs really right (or working for that matter) my first year in Computer Science. At least with the painintgs, I have A painting at the end of the session.


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